Zoon Minimal Intro

WiFi networks don't keep your data safe

We're now raising some funds for the device that is multiple times safer than VPN and doesn't require subscription, doesn't slow connection down and doesn't leave any logs

COVE is cyber open view encryption

  • a zero knowledge device that keeps you safe on public networks
  • no account needed
  • just plug it in to power source such as your laptop or any USB outlet - point it to the network you like to use and use COVE labelled WiFi
  • each COVE device is registered on blockchain which gives each device unique ID that cannot be changed


    since its a local hardware, it doesn't slow your connection down or doesn't leave any logs behind of where you surf

    our smallest device is USB size travel friendly router can support up to 10 devices and our enterprise size office router is for everything else

    COVE network is encrypted, your IP is anonymous and it can even block all the adverts if thats what you want